Vår ROV - Rovit

VideoRay PRO3 XE GTO

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Vi skaffer personell og riktig utstyr for jobben

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Slepefisken finner det du leter etter.

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Inspeksjon på de mest utilgjengelige steder

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Vi kan lever forskjellige bunnkart med detaljert bilde og høy oppløsning


Welcome to Norwegian ROV Service. We are an inspection company who are specializes in commission under water. Norwegian ROV Service is an independent firm with expertise and good reputation in our field. We set high quality standards and carry out assignments for the applicable norms and standards required. Together with our partners we can offer a variety of services in : 

Videoinspections Documentation Condition report Survey
 Consulting Commercial diving  Mapping  Search 
 ROV Videoscope  Aquaculture   Structure-scan